Getting Started

Executive Producer Michael Charves is the first point of contact for your project. He can help you determine your needs and manage the details from start to finish. In regards to all our services, Mike is the main link to everything. Contact Mike via email to learn more.

A Collective of Talent

From concept to creation, we are a full service boutique providing editing, visual effects, animation, color correction and audio services all under one roof. Give us the opportunity to be your partner in the crative process. For more on 2150, see the section below and click on the link See Our Work.

Color Correction with CO3

If your content needs color adjusting, we have partnered with Company 3 to provide Virtual HD Color grading in our new HD suite. This service can take your imagery to a whole new level- find out more by contacting Mike and check out Company 3 website.

A Creative Blend of Editors, Artists and Animators

From the start, co-founders Jeff Sternberger and Michael Coe sought to provide full-service creative editorial. They gradually brought in producers, artists and animators to develop a sweet creative boutique. As a team, we work with clients- we collaborate to create their vision. We welcome clients to sit in session with our staff, but they are also welcome to use the client suites to get some other work done out of the office. We pride ourselves on our determination, our creativity and our passion to be the one our clients depend on for every type of project. Telling awesome stories, producing great work and enjoying the process is always the goal.

This is what we do. To learn more about us just stop in and see what we are all about.

See Our Work
2150 Editorial / 2150 South Dixie Hwy / Miami FL 33133
PHONE: 305.250.5150/ FAX: 305.250.9922